Administrative Team

Name Title Phone
Michelle Provo Principal (281) 897-4371
Colette Maxwell Director of Instruction (281) 897-4358
Angela Langenberg Assistant Principal – 6th grade (281) 897-4350
Mark Moynihan Assistant Principal – 7th grade (281) 897-4350
Desmond Thomas Assistant Principal – 8th grade (281) 897-4350
Tamaria Wade Counselor – 6th grade (281) 897-4369
Tenisha Abrams Counselor – 7th grade (281) 897-4369
Michelle McCombs Counselor – 8th grade (281) 897-4369
Samdria Stewart Academic Achievement Specialist (281) 517-2004
Jennifer Sorrells Academic Achievement Specialist (281) 517-2960
Tashanda Franklin Behavior Interventionist (281) 897-4340
Kim Durrant Media Specialist (281) 897-4340
Lynda Gendron    Nurse (281) 897-4356


Bleyl Administrative Team 2020-2021

Back row, L-R: Angela Langenberg, 6th Grade Assistant Principal; Desmond Thomas, 8th Grade Assistant Principal; Mark Moynihan, 7th Grade Assistant Principal; Jennifer Sorrells, Academic Achievement Specialist

Middle row, L-R: Tashanda Franklin, Behavior Interventionist; Michelle Provo, Principal; Colette Maxwell, Director of Instruction

Front row, L-R:  Tamaria Wade, 6th Grade Counselor; Michelle McCombs, 8th Grade Counselor; Tenisha Abrams, 7th Grade Counselor; Samdria Stewart, Academic Achievement Specialist

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